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Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for 2022

Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house

There was wall to wall mess, no place for a mouse

The new toys are scattered, in every which way

Trains, dolls and games, just everything to play

The stockings that were hung, by the chimney with care

Are now on the floor, full of dog hair

The dear little children, from short ones to tall

This day after Christmas, are fed Pepto Bismol

For their tummies are stuffed, with all kinds of things

Like candy and peanuts, and pineapple rings

Poor Mom is trying, with vacuum and broom

To organize the house, or at least just one room

And Dad with his tools, grunts and just trembles

He gets madder and madder, with each toy he assembles

Twas the day after Christmas, in their beds they all lay

They must get their rest, to face New Years day!

We wish all of our clients,  friends, employees, and neighbors a amazing holiday and hope that your Year 2022 is even better than any before.  

– Your friends at Classic Insurance

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