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Keeping a Home Inventory

Keeping track of your valuable items shouldn’t be tedious and stressful. Creating a home inventory is an easy and important task all homeowners and renters should do to protect their personal belongings. We want to make sure our policyholders understand the importance of having a home inventory by reading some of our suggestions and tips below.

Why You Need a Home Inventory

Having a home inventory can help you determine if you have sufficient coverage for your contents and help expedite the claims process should a covered loss occur. In situations of theft, damage, or other covered losses, a home inventory can aid a policyholder when asked to provide proof of the items in their home, via pictures, videos, and/or receipts.

How to Create a Home Inventory

Policyholders can create a home inventory with pictures and video, as well as a handwritten document or receipts of your items. When making your list of items, it should include the age, approximate cost, model number if applicable, purchase location, and condition of each item. Items of value, such as art, antiques, collectibles, electronics, and jewelry should be taken note of, and don’t forget about valuable items stored away in garages or closets.

When to Update Your Home Inventory

It’s important to update your inventory annually and to add new items of value you receive throughout the year to your list. Should you move to a new home, be sure to re-do your inventory to account for all items from room to room. To have easy access to your list, create and store a digital copy which can be quickly updated from any of your devices.

Review Your Insurance Coverage

After creating your home inventory, be sure all your valuable items are protected by reviewing your insurance coverage. Ask your agent how they can help make sure you have the proper coverage call us at (850) 332-5717. If you’re looking to get a free quote with Classic Insurance Group fill out the form below.

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